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Be Part of the Annex Family

Annex Dance Academy is not just a place; it is an entire lifestyle that I am very proud and honored to have been a part of. Any studio can teach a child to dance but ADA goes above and beyond that on a daily basis.Walking into Annex Dance Academy years ago, I never would have known I was entering a place that would change my life so significantly. My time as a competitive dancer at Annex instilled my self-discipline and self-motivation. I would not trade the hours I spent at the studio because it made me into a better dancer as well as a better person. I still miss the friendship, love, and homey feel of the studio. The sky certainly is not the limit at Annex, and there is something for everyone to experience. Sarah and Cheryl are dedicated to make sure that every dancer's dream comes alive.

Gabrielle Martin

Annex has been a second home for my girls the last few years. The directors at Annex care about the whole dancer as a person and not just whether they have the dance technique right. They strive to teach the dancers about being part of a team, working together, and being kind to others. The dance school has a family feel and almost everyone who comes in feels that homey environment, the feel that everyone knows you, the small community comfort. The teachers have always been kind and courteous to my children and to my family. They have given my girls praise when they have earned it and helpful hints when they are struggling. Annex is a place I’m proud to take my children to; a place they learn about dance, confidence and courage

Binu Dhindsa