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Always going above and beyond to give a personal touch to our clients.

Experienced Teachers

Highly educated and experienced teachers are leading professionals in the industry

Well Organized

We are always working on how to make the Dance year easier and more efficient for each of our families


Clean, open spaces with professional Dance flooring. Large rooms with high-end sound equipment.

Featured Pre-dance Classes

Mini Movers (ages 2-3)

This is a creative movement and improvisational class focusing on the joy of movement and music. Children learn with positive encouragement, with prop like scarves and tambourines while dancing, singing and exploring the art of dance.

Kinder Kidz (Ages 3-4)

An exciting class that incorporates and introduction to spacial awareness and basic dance positions with dynamic and ‘game-like’ exercises to exhilarating music and rhythms. Each session has a different theme and touches on different genres such as; Jazz, Ballet, Acrobatics and more.

Super Starz (Ages 4-5)

The perfect way to introduce your little one to dance because we offer the basics in Jazz, Ballet, Acrobatics and Hip Hop techniques all wrapped up in fun exercises focused on inspiring imagination, improvisations, and using props like tambourines, ribbons, scarves and more.

Hip Kidz (Ages 4-6)

This is an age appropriate urban based class where dancers will bop to the beat of the latest kid hits learning large axis movement and fine motor skills.

Future Starz (Ages 5-6)

Dancers will master the skills required for the next level up (Junior) and really helps to set them apart from dancers who otherwise haven’t taken this class. Emphasis on musicality, proper technique and performance quality will be learned in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

These classes will still be offered as 45 minute long classes for 8 week sessions in what we call Fall Session, Winter Session and Spring Session.

The Toronto studio Fall Session will begin the first week of October where as the Oakville Fall Sessions will start one week later. Each session is $140 + HST

All fees are paid upfront and are non-refundable. There is a $30 registration fee (waived before June 15th) upon enrollment – this is a one time fee that will be paid once even if they enroll separately for each session within one season.

(September to June)  $30 Media Fee charged to participants during Spring session who want to do the recital. 

$80 recital costume fee charge to participants of Spring session who want to do recital

Be Part of the Annex Family

Annex Dance Academy is not just a place; it is an entire lifestyle that I am very proud and honored to have been a part of. Any studio can teach a child to dance but ADA goes above and beyond that on a daily basis.Walking into Annex Dance Academy years ago, I never would have known I was entering a place that would change my life so significantly. My time as a competitive dancer at Annex instilled my self-discipline and self-motivation. I would not trade the hours I spent at the studio because it made me into a better dancer as well as a better person. I still miss the friendship, love, and homey feel of the studio. The sky certainly is not the limit at Annex, and there is something for everyone to experience. Sarah and Cheryl are dedicated to make sure that every dancer's dream comes alive.

Gabrielle Martin

Annex has been a second home for my girls the last few years. The directors at Annex care about the whole dancer as a person and not just whether they have the dance technique right. They strive to teach the dancers about being part of a team, working together, and being kind to others. The dance school has a family feel and almost everyone who comes in feels that homey environment, the feel that everyone knows you, the small community comfort. The teachers have always been kind and courteous to my children and to my family. They have given my girls praise when they have earned it and helpful hints when they are struggling. Annex is a place I’m proud to take my children to; a place they learn about dance, confidence and courage

Binu Dhindsa